How do we know the data is accurate and updated in real-time?

Patlytics trains our AI model on 50MM+ global public patents, and have multiple safeguards against hallucinations including providing citations, auditing sources for relevance, and color coding to show relevance. It conducts regular verifications and updates processes to ensure data accuracy and real-time updates

How secure is Patlytics?

Patlytics prioritizes security as a fundamental aspect of its platform to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of user data and insights. Patlytics adheres to relevant industry security compliance standards and is SOC2 certified to protect user data. Its infrastructure is hosted on secure cloud platforms, regularly updated to address emerging threats. Secure development practices ensure ongoing security, with transparency about data processing activities and respect for user privacy.

Can Patlytics do bulk technical document analysis?

Yes, Patlytics has the capability to perform bulk technical document analysis. Patlytics is a powerful AI-driven platform designed to analyze and extract insights from technical documents such as patents, research papers, and technical reports. Its advanced AI-engine enables it to efficiently process and analyze large volumes of documents.

Are our data entries being used to train any AI model?

No. Your data entries are not being used to train any AI model. Patlytics prioritizes data privacy and confidentiality, ensuring that your information remains secure and is not utilized for training AI models without explicit consent or necessity.

What tools can we integrate our Patlytics workflow with?

Patlytics is currently available to select partners on web platforms. Soon, you’ll be able to integrate our workflow solutions into Microsoft Office and other service providers upon request.

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